Italian Charm Bracelet Tool

What are Italian Charms? Remember those old fashioned charm bracelets from the 50’s; the ones with all those dangles attached to a chain? How about Pandora and Pandora type charms? Well, you guess it, these are not them. Italian Charms are made of stainless steel in the shape of rectangular modular links, embellished with enamel, brass, 14k gold, laser cut engravings, photos and natural or faux stone, to name just a few. Italian Charms make durable, unique and personalized gifts for the special people in your life.
Italian Charms are not just for the ladies. They are also worn by toddlers, children, teenagers and the gentlemen folk. In fact this trend was started in Italy and was first noticed on Soccer players. Even pets have been featured with Italian Charms used as decorative collars. Did I mention that your digital gadgets can also be decorated with Italian Charms? The old fashioned charms can also be incorporated into an Italian Charm Bracelet using a special Italian Charm link (see Accessories). Italian charm links can also be used as a watch band for almost any wrist watch face using a special set of Italian charm links. The uses for Italian Charms are only limited by your imagination.
There are no separate latches, since each link of the bracelet expands so you can slip it over your hand easily. You can also use each link’s clasp as a hidden latch, which can be easily fastened and release with an Italian Charm tool.
There are actually 3 different charm link sizes – Medium Charm Links (standard), Super Charm Links and Mega Charm Links. All these links will work interchangeably with each other. The Medium Charm Links are 9mm high and about 10mm long. The Super Charm Links are 9mm high and 20 mm long, twice the length of the Medium Charm Link. The Mega Charm Links are 18mm tall (twice the height of Medium Charm Links) and 20 mm long (twice the length of Medium Charm Links). You can attach two medium link bracelets together using a Mega Charm Link for a unique double-decker look.

Themes and Subject Matter

Italian Charms cover a wide variety of subjects and themes, including professions, hobbies, adventures, loves, holidays, favorites, opinions, sayings, life changing events, sport events, special events, places, etc. These tiny treasures provide a perfect way to express your life.

How to determine your bracelet size

The tables below are guides for sizing your Italian Charm Bracelet.

Younger or Smaller Folks

Size # of Medium Links Wrist Measurement (Inches)
Toddler 13
Child 14 5-1/4
Pre-Teen 15 5-3/4

Adult or Bigger Folks

Petite 16 6-1/4
Small 17 6-3/4
Medium 18
Large 19 7-1/4
Extra Large 20 7-3/4
Long 21

Starter Italian Charm bracelets have 18 non-decorated links however Italian Charm Bracelets have no set sizes. If you like to wear your bracelets loosely simply add another link or two or to tighten your bracelets simply remove a link or two. When you find a charm link you like simply remove a non-decorated charm link and replace it with the new charm link.
Remember you can interchange Mega and Super Links for 2 of the Medium.

How to Link Italian Charms Together

It is easy to learn how to link your Italian Charms together yourself. Each link has a spring-loaded clasp mechanism on one side, which when opened looks like a hook. The other side has a stationary bar. Use your thumb to slide open the clasp and hook it to the second link’s bar at a 45 degree angle. The link is designed so all your charms will face the same direction. After confirming the links are attached, release the clasp resulting in the closed position, locking them together. If you have difficulty in this technique, the Italian Charms tool might make this easier.


There are several accessories that can accommodate your Italian Charms. The following are just a few to choose from and can be found in our eBay store.

Cell Phone Attachment - Lets you decorate your digital gadget using Italian Charms and making it distinctly yours. This attachment contains one plan charm, so you can readily attach your favorites.

Dangle Links - You can add your unique and/or vintage dangle charms to the modular Italian Charm system. Therefore, you don’t have to give them up entirely.

Italian Charm Tool - This tool is very handy in modifying your Italian Charm projects. You can easily add or remove the Italian Charm when the mode suits you. (SOLD OUT)