Italian Charms Bracelets Disney

When I was a little girl, I received my very first charm bracelet. I was hooked. It was exactly like this one with all the Ten Commandments and a bible charm. I was in love with this bracelet and have loved charm bracelets ever since.

It has been years since I owned a charm bracelet and since they are all the rage, I thought I would stop by Etsy to see what great bracelets I could find to add to my wish list. The first one I saw was this lovely one with pink in it. I fell in love with it.

Bijou X Karma Jewelry

I love Mickey and Minnie. Always have, always will. I got a new fleece jacket for Christmas last year. Red with Mickey on the front. I need this bracelet to go with it. Then I need a sweater with Minnie on it to go with the bracelet.

Romantic pink, grey and silver charm bracelet
(Monkey's and Munchkins)

Isn't this the most unique thing you ever saw? I would wear him on a charm. I would wear him on my arm.but I still would not eat green eggs and ham.

(Murals for You)

My dear friend Lindsey would freak out over this Harry Potter bracelet. It is so cool.


Be still my heart. A Thirty-One purse bracelet. Check it out. She covers a lot of the patterns. Her site offers many more. This would be so neat. I absolutely adore this.

ADULT SIZE Disney Vacation Mouse Ears Charm Bracelet B062
(Clay Purse Girl)

This one is so cute. A perfect bracelet for me since my nickname is B.

(Betsy's Supplies)

But if anybody ever made anything that was a perfect fit for me. This is it. You know I love to bake. I am going to definitely have to add this to my wishlist. This is just way too cute.

(Deb's Treasures)

I also still love Italian Charms. They were all the rage several years ago.

Now to decide which one I would like to have and figure out how to charm my hubby into buying it for me.

Dr. Seuss Book Cover Charm Bracelet Cat in the Hat,  The Grinch,  Happy Birthday Dr Suess Story Teacher Hand Crafted Harry Potter Inspired Book Charms Bracelet Made to Order Charm Bracelet (You choose which one you like) Be Happy with Bee Charm Bracelet